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Casino Complex RFP

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DRF is requesting proposals from qualified consultants to produce a study of the potential impacts of a proposed gambling casino and entertainment complex on Danville, VA and the surrounding communities.  The goal of this study will be to better inform the public discussion of the merits and challenges of the proposed casino and entertainment complex.  DRF is taking no position on the potential development of a casino or any public referendum to authorize such a facility in Danville, VA.

WHY? On February 23, 2019, the Virginia General Assembly approved legislation to authorize several steps that may lead to a local referendum by the end of 2020 on the question of whether or not casino gambling would be allowed in Danville, VA.  That legislation was signed by Governor Ralph Northam on March 22, 2019.  Such a critical public vote should be informed by the best, most comparable information on the positive and negative impacts of gambling casinos on similar communities in the United States.

Issues to be addressed: Based on a conceptual model of the proposed casino and entertainment complex, to be developed by the firm or individual hired to do this work, the following shall be addressed:

  1. Direct economic benefits and detriments to the City of Danville and surrounding communities from the proposed project over a five to ten-year period including tax revenue and structure, based on current law and regulation; law enforcement and crime rates; mental and physical health; impact on adjoining neighborhoods and businesses; education; housing costs and availability; poverty rates and existing economic development strategies.
  2. Reputational impacts to the region.
  3. Projection and implications of the nature and number of jobs created by the casino and allied businesses.  Implications for local wage structure including where workers will come from and the competition for a qualified workforce beyond the casino complex.
  4. Potential intended and unintended benefits and costs, based on the experiences of other communities, including a comparison of the projected and actual impacts.  The study will address why some casinos succeed and others fail as well as the implications for host communities.  Are there important differences of impact between complexes that are new construction and re-use of existing structures?
  5. Other significant information proposed by the responding firm based on their previous experience that would be beneficial to the community.

Nature of the study: What is being requested is primarily reviewing the experience of other communities similar to Danville in size, economics, demographics and location and projecting those findings upon this region.  It is not possible to precisely predict the implications of such a casino on a community like ours.  However, by analyzing the experience and impact of casinos in other similar places, the people of this region will have a better understanding of the proposed development.

Qualifications of ideal entity to conduct the study: DRF is looking for a firm, organization or individual that has a verifiable record in conducting similar studies of the economic, demographic and social impact of large-scale development projects, ideally on communities like Danville and surrounding counties.  Applicant firm will provide a sample public report and executive summary for similar work.  The successful candidate will have the ability to conduct the study, produce a final report and executive summary that is easily understood by the citizens of this region and participate in public presentations of the final report.  Firm to be selected must present evidence that they will conduct the study in a neutral, unbiased manner.

Plan of Work and Budget: Applicants will propose how they will undertake this study, with timeline, budget and deliverables.  Consultant will be guided in their work by a special committee of the DRF Board and will report via designated DRF staff.  Once the organization is selected to do this study, the plan of work will be shared with the public.  A community review panel, selected by the DRF special committee, will be invited to review the draft and give feedback that may inform the final report.  The consultant and special committee will analyze comments and make appropriate additions or corrections to the final report.

DRF will pay one-third of the contracted amount upon execution of the agreement, one-third upon receipt of acceptable draft and the final one-third upon the completion of successful public presentations and documents.

Timeline: Proposals must be received by DRF no later than May 15, 2019. The contract to undertake the work shall be entered into by June 3, 2019.  A near complete draft of the study must be submitted by October 15, 2019 with the final study to be completed, delivered and presented by December 2, 2019.

About DRF: Danville Regional Foundation is a private foundation created in 2005 with funds from the sale of a local non-profit hospital.  It uses its approximately $220 million in assets to support the economic and cultural transformation of the region of Pittsylvania County and the City of Danville in Virginia and Caswell County, North Carolina.  Since its founding, DRF has made approximately $100 million in grants and commitments to improve the opportunities for all the residents of this region.  See here for more information.  Additional questions and submissions should be directed to