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The Danville Regional Foundation
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DRF is incorporated as a non-stock Virginia corporation

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DRF is endowed with $200 million from the Danville Regional Health System from the proceeds of the sale of the local hospital, Danville Regional Medical Center


$17M was earmarked for four initial grants as stipulated by the IRS under the terms of the sale.


(Caswell County Senior Center, Chatham Community Center, Danville Community College Health Sciences Building and the Institute for Advanced Learning & Research)

$183M was invested in a diversified portfolio

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The Great Recession hits and by early 2009 the value of DRF's investment portfolio drops below $150M

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2009 - 2013

Investment market conditions improve and by third quarter 2013, DRF's portfolio reaches the original grant amount of $200M

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End of first quarter and DRF's investment portfolio is valued at $232M


DRF's sole revenue is our investment earnings. In order to maintain our endowment, we must earn enough from our investment to cover our spending.

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DRF is classified as a private non-operating foundation and we're required to spend 5% of our assets either on grants and other eligible expenses, such as program and administrative costs.


Initial Endowment $200M

2006 - First Quarter 2018

Investment Earnings $150M


Paid Grants ($ 89M)

Other Expenses ($ 29M)

Value of Endowment at 3/31/18 $232M


Health $26,764,948

Education $23,305,721

Workforce $8,637,939

Capacity Building $15,286,731

Economic Development $19,621,244

Other $2,433,303

TOTAL $96,049,886

*(Committed means signed but not fully paid out)