Developing an Active Engaged Board of Directors

This event is part of the series:
Duke University - Continuing Studies: Nonprofit Management Intensive Track Program: Session I

April 4, 2017
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Speaker: John Curtis, Ph.D.,

This class will focus on the roles and responsibilities of the board.  Discussion will include development of active and engaged members, how to raise major gifts, how to elevate board members competency in fundraising, and demystifying how to find new donors and new dollars.

The energy of the board becomes contagious, permeating the entire organization, and when it does -- everyone feels the effects -- the staff, volunteers, and most importantly, the donors who could make major gifts to the organization. This class is appropriate for new or experienced nonprofit leaders and their board members.    

Key Learning Objectives:

1.     Understand the board’s role in capacity-building by doing proper strategic planning and major gifts’ fundraising.

2.     Define the elements of a successful and diverse plan to raise funds through events, institutional, and donor-driven fundraising. 

Bio:  John Curtis, Ph.D., has 40 years of experience as an organizational development consultant and researcher in the nonprofit sector. He has a proven track record bringing sound organizational development principles and evidence-based capacity building practices to hundreds of nonprofits nationwide. John regularly teaches strategic planning, board development, change management, and fundraising.

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