Post-Pandemic Recovery - Harvey Schmitt

For me there are obvious trends that will survive post pandemic.

Post-Pandemic Recovery - Casey Steinbacher

I do not believe we even know or understand all the long-term impacts from COVID yet.  However, of the ones in front of us right now, the most concerning is the impact COVID is having on our labor force.

Post-Pandemic Recovery - Ray Minor

The lasting impact of COVID 19 on society will be significant in the ways we live, work and play. 

Post-Pandemic Recovery - Jennifer Lance

Employers will be more concerned about employee health and safety permanently. Before the pandemic, most emphasis was on maintaining “no lost work-days” or maximizing “the number of days with no accidents”. Going forward it is going to include standard safety procedures, but also intense scrutiny on how lines are laid out, ventilation with bacteria removing filters, acceleration of automation in processes to reduce density in plants, office workers with limited workdays in plants, temperature checks etc.

Post-Pandemic Recovery - Lee Anne Nance

After the pandemic, here are ten expectations.