Community Engagement & Collaboration

Community Engagement & Collaboration


Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Grant Writing and Compliance

Grant Writing and Compliance – How to Wri...

Time: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Community Engagement & Collaboration

This event is part of the series:
Duke University - Continuing Studies: 2022 Nonprofit Capacity Building Training

July 26, 2022
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Instructor: Wendi Goods Everson, MBA,  

Understand community collaboration and how it works. It is important for nonprofit organizations to be engaged and relevant to the community that they are located in. By becoming an active member in the local area, you increase the recognition of your organization, and meet the people that make up the community you operate in. The people in your community are your base of volunteers and donors, and your nonprofit needs to recognize them and appreciate their efforts in supporting your cause. While community organizing involves the process of building a grassroots movement involving communities, community engagement primarily deals with the practice of moving communities toward change, usually from a stalled or suspended position. Community engagement includes involvement and participation in an organization for the good of communities. Engagement is a dynamic relational process that facilitates communication, involvement and exchange between an organization and a community for a range of social and organizational outcomes.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand what community engagement & collaboration involve.
  • Learn to build a grassroots movement involving communities, community engagement that primarily deals with the practice of moving communities toward change, usually from astalled or suspended position.
  • Understand how you may be responsive to community needs, views, and expectations.
  • Understand collaboration between nonprofit and private companies

Instructor Bio: Wendi Goods Everson, MBA, is a community development professional with 20+ years of government, nonprofit, and philanthropic experience. Everson worked for the Danville Regional Foundation and led efforts focused on civic engagement, leadership development and community building. Additional experience includes neighborhood revitalization, fair housing and youth development. She served as VP of River District Association, Chair of Fair Housing Board for City of Danville and Board member for Danville Head Start. She is a recipient of the Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce Pace Award for excellence in community service. Ms. Everson has several years of teaching/presentation experience. She has a B.A. in Art History from Temple University, MBA from Everett University and a Certificate in Nonprofit Management from Duke University.


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