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The Danville Regional Foundation (DRF) works to encourage revitalization and renewal in the Dan River Region. We do so by making long-term investments to improve education, economic vitality, community wellness, financial stability and civic capacity for citizens throughout the City of Danville, Virginia; Pittsylvania County, Virginia; and Caswell County, North Carolina.

Since its establishment in 2005, DRF has committed more than $76 million through more than 260 grants. Some of these grants are large, but just as many are made from the DRF Make It Happen! (MIH!) program, which encourages individuals to make their dreams of community change a reality. Large organizational investments paired with these smaller grants create a culture of ″bright spots″ where those within the community as well as those visiting and researching for possible relocation can ″see the possible.″

DRF is committed to fostering collaboration, establishing partnerships and working across borders and with many types of organizations to rethink tomorrow and create solutions, positioning the Dan River Region as a place of opportunities. DRF encourages and supports new approaches, and believes that initiative and courage to view things from fresh and different perspectives empowers our community as we collaborate on a Bridge to the Future.

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Dan River Inc.’s iconic letters to see new life

Dan River Inc.’s iconic letters to see new life

Many Danvillians mourned when the iconic “Home of Dan River Fabrics” sign came down off the top of the White Mill in 2007 — a sign that, since 1948, had been visible to airplane passengers landing at Danville Regional Airport or to people returning to Danville on South Boston Road.

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Partner Spotlight

The Launch Place's official mission statement is to energize and diversify our regional economy through entrepreneurship development and business consulting services. We are proof that success starts here.

make more happen

Danville Regional Foundation (DRF) has created Make More Happen (MMH) to challenge community organizations to use more funding and more time to create more impact and more results for more people. Learn More >


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