Writing a Strategic Business Plan

This event is part of the series:
Duke University - Continuing Studies: 2019 Duke Nonprofit Capacity Building Training

August 27, 2019
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Instructor: Anne Willson, anne@annewillson.com 

Participants will examine the parts of a strategic plan including the vision and mission statement, values and goals that will guide the organization into the future. Students will also learn important tools to analyze their respective nonprofit organizations to help them make decisions for setting a course for the organization’s future. Analysis tools include the SWOT Analysis, BCG Matrix, the Sustainability Matrix and the Strategy Canvas.  There will be an opportunity for students to apply the tools through group work to evaluate an organization and understand the process of constructing a Sustainable Strategic Plan.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the parts of a strategic plan for your nonprofit
  2. Be familiar with what tools to use to analyze your nonprofit’s plan for the future

Bio: Anne Willson works with nonprofits to strengthen the core structures of the organizations and increase their social impact.  With a grounded, real-world perspective gained through twenty-seven years in the nonprofit sector, she assists organizations in addressing several fundamental issues necessary for compelling community engagement: sustainable strategic planning built from foundational pillars, solidifying organizational integrity, and identifying and leveraging organizational assets to broaden engagement and increase both philanthropic and earned revenue streams.  Anne holds two B.A.’s, an M.A. in Liberal Arts and a Duke Certificate in Nonprofit Management.

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